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Why is interpretability important in Machine Learning?

Randall Hendricks
Randall HendricksAnswered

When humans can readily comprehend the judgments made by a Machine Learning model, we say that the model is “interpretable.” Simply put, we want to know what led to a certain conclusion.

Model interpretation in Machine Learning facilitates the accomplishment of a variety of Machine Learning project objectives.

  • Fairness. By ensuring objective forecasts, we avoid prejudice against underrepresented groups.
  • Fait. It is easier for people to trust our model if they understand how it makes judgments.
  • Robustness. we must be certain that the model works in all environments and that tiny changes in input do not result in substantial or unexpected changes in output.
  • Security. If we comprehend the information a model employs, we can prevent it from obtaining sensitive data.
  • Causality. We must ensure that the model only evaluates causal linkages and does not identify misleading correlations.

Interpretability vs Explainability

The global ML community uses “explainability” and “interpretability” similarly, and there is no set definition for either

Consequently, we might consider explainability to have a lower comprehension threshold than AI interpretability.

An ML model is subject to interpretation if its decision-making process can be understood on a fundamental level.

A model is explainable if you can understand how a given node in a complicated model affects the output.

If each component of a model can be explained and we can concurrently keep track of each explanation, then the model is interpretable.

Consider a self-driving vehicle system. We may be able to understand some of the determinants of its choices. This graphic illustrates how that object-detection system may identify items with varying degrees of confidence.

This model is at least somewhat explicable since some of its inner workings are known. However, it may still be impossible to interpret – we aren’t able to make sense of why the automobile chose to accelerate or halt.

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