Is synthetic data fake data?

Kayley Marshall
Kayley MarshallAnswered

In contrast to phrases often used to characterize synthetic data, such as “fake data” or “mock data,” high-quality synthetic data may be almost as accurate as the original data it is based on, and in some situations can even be more accurate. This is conceivable because synthetic data models may create many more examples from training data, hence assisting subsequent machine learning algorithms with their generalization.

The ability to learn from and construct with data is one of the most important factors in innovation today. Consequently, synthetic data has been used throughout sectors. Here are some typical examples:

  • Synthetic data is used in the automotive and robotics industries to produce simulated environments that are used for a variety of purposes, including the education of robots, the development of autonomous driving software, and the evaluation of safety and collision prevention systems.
  • Creating synthetic time-series data allows data sharing without compromising the capital market’s clients’ privacy, while also supplying instances of unusual occurrences and anomalies in training computers to react more effectively to market events.
  • It is also used for information security and cyber defense. Using artificial data, machine learning models’ ability can be polished to spot anomalies like fraud and cyberattacks, and to develop cutting-edge tools to protect artificial data from malicious actors.
  • Social Media trains recommendation algorithms with fake data instead of actual client data.
  • Gaming makes use of synthetic data to acquire and analyze new types of user data in a secure manner.
  • Healthcare and life sciences incorporate synthetic genetic data to advance medical knowledge, improve patient care, and open up new financial opportunities for healthcare providers.
  • The manufacturing industry takes advantage of synthetic data by mimicking complicated supply chain activities to anticipate potential points of failure.

Retail employs synthetic data to model alternatives for arranging merchandise in a shop and how people navigate aisles.

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