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Technical Product Marketing Manager

Palo Alto | Sales | Full-Time

About Deepchecks

As machine learning systems begin to transition from the research phase to the production phase, it’s becoming clear that they have unique QA and testing related challenges.
Deepchecks offers a customizable, plug & play, algorithm-based solution, for testing and monitoring machine learning systems.

Job Description

Deepchecks is a VC-backed startup tackling the huge problem of controlling Machine Learning systems.

AI systems are being adopted by more and more organizations and are taking an increasingly important role in their business. Although many resources are allocated to creating and optimizing the machine learning models, they still lack “common sense” and make various mistakes that may go undetected for long periods of time. We focus on detecting, preventing, and fixing these “AI glitches”, using mathematical concepts and algorithmic research. Our product monitors these systems in production, identifies a wide range of potential problems, and offers different types of alerts and explanations (depending on the type and the severity of the issue).

The startup was founded by a group of Israeli Data Science leaders, and the R&D team is based in Tel Aviv. Following the recent launch of our product, we’ve opened an office in Palo Alto (led by Deepchecks’ CEO), and are building our GTM team based on local talent. Most of the time we will be working from home and will meet at the office 1-2 times a week.

Technical Product Marketing Manager (US)

We’re looking to recruit our first go-to-market hires in the US, including our first marketing hire in the US. Needless to say, s/he will have a massive impact on our company, since the tone & messaging set by the candidate have the potential to impact. Operating in the fast-paced, intriguing, and complex field of MLOps, candidates will be expected to acquire and maintain a wholesome picture of our competitive landscape as well as our own product roadmap – and use it to set the tone of our messaging, website, and other sales and marketing materials.

As a Technical Product Marketing Manager at Deepchecks, you are expected to have a unique combination of being an engineer and being an artist. Your engineering skills will be needed to have a deep understanding of the MLOps eco-system:

  1. Our solution
  2. The needs of our highly technical customers
  3. Various solutions in the ML monitoring space, including both competitors and potential partners

Your job feeds the top of the sales funnel which is the foundational part of the organization’s revenue, but is also a key component of our how our company and our products will be perceived. Your job will have a massive impact on the company since your performance will be highly correlated with the number of business opportunities that Deepchecks has. This role is a great place to grow your career as you will be exposed to a complete cycle of building a sales and marketing team with a growing (and cool!) startup, and have visibility into the growing field of Data Science within many different business verticals.


  1. Act as the primary thought leader for our ML monitoring solution, including speaking engagements and written content.
  2. Own all of the content related to our sales collateral materials and our website (writing, managing freelancers, editing, and updating).
  3. Market intelligence–be the expert on our users and buyers, who they are, how they buy, and their critical buying criteria.
  4. Understand the competitive landscape–be an expert on key competitors, their capabilities, and market position.
  5. Collaborate with our CEO and the product team to develop product positioning and messaging that resonates with our target buyer personas.
  6. Understand the buying process, including where buyers get information and the who, what, when, and why behind their decisions. Then drive changes to our sales and marketing processes based on what you learn.


  1. 2+ years of software or SaaS product marketing experience; with a proven track record in the Artificial Intelligence / Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML) technology space.
  2. Excellent people and management skills to interact with staff, colleagues, cross-functional teams, and third parties.
  3. Excellent communication skills a must; written and oral, including presentation and product demonstration experience to large and diverse audiences.
  4. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communication studies, business administration, or a related discipline, Master’s preferred.


  1. B.Sc./M.Sc. in Computer Science/Software Engineering – advantage
  2. Existing knowledge regarding the MLOps eco-system – advantage
  3. 5+ years of software or SaaS product marketing experience. – advantage
  4. Previous experience working in a SaaS startup – major advantage