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Senior Frontend Engineer

Tel Aviv, Israel | Software Engineering | Full-Time

About Deepchecks

As machine learning systems begin to transition from the research phase to the production phase, it’s becoming clear that they have unique QA and testing related challenges.
Deepchecks offers a customizable, plug & play, algorithm-based solution, for testing and monitoring machine learning systems.

Deepchecks is a VC-backed startup tackling the rising problem of controlling Machine Learning systems.

AI systems are being adopted by more and more organizations and are taking an increasingly important role in their business. Although many resources are allocated to creating and optimizing the machine learning models, they still lack “common sense” and make various mistakes that may go undetected for long periods of time. We focus on detecting, preventing, and fixing these “AI glitches”, using mathematical concepts and algorithmic research. Our product monitors these systems in production, identifies a wide range of potential problems, and offers different types of alerts and explanations (depending on the type and the severity of the issue).

The startup was founded by two Talpiot graduates / Data Scientists and a leading professor in this field. Following a few months of R&D and initial customer traction, the time has come to expand our extremely talented (and fun!) team. Our offices are in Tel-Aviv, and we’re working in a hybrid form.

Job Description

Senior Frontend Engineer (Tel Aviv)

We’re looking for an excellent Front-End engineer, that will lead all Front-end aspects of the company. As part of the job, you will work closely with the product team and other team members to design and implement complex products, end to end. In addition, you will guide and mentor other front-end engineers in the company, review their work, and lead the UI development.

The ideal candidate is a true team player with leadership skills and a passion for frontend and a user-oriented mindset.

Required Experience:

  • 4+ years of experience with JavaScript (ES6 – 8), TypeScript, HTML5 & CSS3
  • 2+ years of development experience in React and redux
  • Strong analytical thinking, systematic problem-solving skills
  • A great feel for UX and design
  • Experience in building frontend infrastructure
  • Familiarity with standard front-end toolkits such as Webpack, Yarn, npm, etc.
  • Experience with testing frameworks (unit and e2e) such as Jasmine, Karma, Jest, Cypress
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills