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Machine Learning Evangelist

Remote, anywhere in the US | DevRel | Full-Time

About Deepchecks

We are a product-led-growth company that’s leading the open-source effort of test-driven machine learning. We’ve recently released a python package for testing ML Models during the training phase (https://github.com/deepchecks/deepchecks), and are offering a complementary solution for enterprises that are looking to validate their ML Systems throughout their lifecycle: during training, production, and re-training.

AI systems are being adopted by more and more organizations and are taking an increasingly important role in their business. Although many resources are allocated to creating and optimizing the machine learning models, they still lack “common sense” and make various mistakes that may go undetected for long periods of time. We focus on detecting, preventing, and fixing these “AI glitches”, using mathematical concepts and algorithmic research.

Our R&D offices are in Tel-Aviv, and we’re beginning to build our go-to-market team in the US.

For more info you can read a bit about our recent release here:

Job Description

Machine Learning Evangelist (remote, anywhere in the US)

We’ve just released our open-source software recently, and are just beginning to accumulate a community. However, we believe our space is suitable for a very large and active community (since machine-learning validation is relevant to pretty much every ML practitioner).
Since community will be a core focus for us in the near future, we’re hiring for a couple of DevRel roles and enabling different specializations.

Now that we’ve released our first open-source library, we need an ML Evangelist to be the face of our company to a growing community of practitioners. This person will make compelling, shareable, and insightful content that leads the data science community to think deeper about ML systems validation. Our community manager will take care of the day-to-day tasks of nurturing an open-source community, which means an Evangelist can focus on thought leadership and content creation.

As a community-focused company, this is possibly the most central role in Deepchecks!
(Check out some other job descriptions to see that they don’t all say this =])


  1. Create deep and unique content that ML practitioners will love. This includes creating lectures, curriculums, videos, blogs, notebooks, use cases, and more. One of your main goals will be trying to show where ML can go wrong and how to stop it, across many different use cases and types of data.
  2. Be the professional face of Deepchecks, while gaining followers on the different social platforms.
  3. Appear frequently at events, podcasts, meetups, and more.
  4. Work with education-oriented partners such as universities and data science courses so that our open-source package is integrated within various courses.
  5. Work with other companies/packages on creating guidelines/tutorials on how to use other tools alongside Deepchecks.
  6. Own the content Deepchecks publishes, including blogs and other professional materials written by freelancers. This includes interviewing the freelancers together with our marketing team, maintaining relationships with them, and reviewing their materials on an ongoing basis.

Not Your Responsibility (i.e. Stuff that we’ll try to make sure you won’t have to deal with unless you want to)

  1. Ongoing community management.
  2. Video editing.
  3. Design.


  1. Proven track record of excellence in Machine Learning: You will need the technical skills to understand the data science workflow as well as the science/math of model validation – both of these at the level of an expert.
  2. A significant diploma: M.Sc./Ph.D. in a quantitative field, at least one Kaggle gold medal, or some other significant certification/academic experience.
  3. Native-level English skills: For both written and oral English. Language skills need to be a fit for public speaking and writing formal content, therefore the strict requirement.
  4. Thought leadership skills: We really need you to be ahead of the curve in terms of where ML is going. Have original opinions, pick up on trends before others do, and so forth.
  5. Independence & high standards: Ability to work well independently as well as to be part of the team. It’s a really important role for Deepchecks and requires a ton of self-management that will come along with significant autonomy and high expectations.
  6. Flexible & big-picture start-up mindset.


  1. Experience teaching Machine Learning, Data Science, or similar in a university setting – plus.
  2. Experience posting professional content on social accounts – plus.
  3. Experience in a similar DevRel position – major plus.


  1. Competitive benefits (health insurance, etc.)
  2. Family-friendly culture
  3. Unlimited vacation days (for US employees)
  4. International travel (when the pandemic allows it!)

If this suits you or someone you know, please reach out!

Deepchecks is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


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