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Community Manager

Remote, anywhere in the US | DevRel | Full-Time

About Deepchecks

We are a product-led-growth company that’s leading the open-source effort of test-driven machine learning. We’ve recently released a python package for testing ML Models during the training phase (https://github.com/deepchecks/deepchecks), and are offering a complementary solution for enterprises that are looking to validate their ML Systems throughout their lifecycle: during training, production, and re-training.

AI systems are being adopted by more and more organizations and are taking an increasingly important role in their business. Although many resources are allocated to creating and optimizing the machine learning models, they still lack “common sense” and make various mistakes that may go undetected for long periods of time. We focus on detecting, preventing, and fixing these “AI glitches”, using mathematical concepts and algorithmic research.

Our R&D offices are in Tel-Aviv, and we’re beginning to build our go-to-market team in the US.

For more info you can read a bit about our recent release here:

Job Description

Community Manager (remote, anywhere in the US)

We’ve just released our open-source software recently, and are just beginning to accumulate a community. However, we believe our space is suitable for a very large and active community (since machine-learning validation is relevant to pretty much every ML practitioner). Since community will be a core focus for us in the near future, we’re hiring for a couple of DevRel roles and enabling different specializations.

Now that we’ve released our first open-source library, people around the world are expressing interest in using and contributing to Deepchecks. We need a Community Manager to nurture this growing community to its full potential. In addition to facilitating a vibrant, international technical community, this person will work closely with our ML Evangelist to get the word out about important ideas, conversations, events, and educational opportunities.


  1. Make sure that the company participates in + reacts to planned & spontaneous events that are relevant to our space. New packages and articles that everyone is talking about, conferences, interesting results of ML competitions.
  2. Go to the community, rather than just assume that the community will come to us. Engage with people on social networks, Slack groups, and more, while aiming to get them to join our community and engage with our open-source software.
  3. Own our content calendar, balancing the different types of pieces that we want to publish and managing the process. This includes collaborating with a ton of different people (employees + freelancers), ensuring that they do their parts on time and in high standards, and nudging them if they don’t.
  4. Initiate original activities that will make us be well known in the space: Memes, songs, April fools pranks, and similar.
  5. Plan, initiate, own, and organize professional events for our community. This includes community calls, lectures, panels, demos, and more – some of which will be in collaboration with other companies.
  6. Amplify the professional voice of our different team members, especially the ML Evangelist that you should work closely with.
  7. Own our website and social channels, as well as interesting ongoing projects such as a community repo of datasets, comparisons between ML solutions, and similar.


  1. Native-level English skills for both written and oral English. Language skills need to be a fit for public speaking and writing formal content, therefore the strict requirement.
  2. Fast & independent learner: To do a great job, you’ll need to learn a lot about the technology related to machine learning and MLOps. This requires watching demos, hearing lectures, and more.
  3. Techie: There are a ton of tools out there that will help you do your job better. You’ll need to explore and manage them on your own.
  4. Strong Communicator: You should be able to fluently and clearly express ideas in writing, and enjoy that communicative aspect as it will be a major part of your daily interactions
  5. People person: You should have a good understanding of different people’s needs, wills, and cultures. They should LOVE interacting with you and hearing you, and you should have a genuine concern for their professional success.
  6. Independence & high standards: Ability to work well independently as well as to be part of the team. It’s a really important role for Deepchecks and requires a ton of self-management that will come along with significant autonomy and high expectations.
  7. Flexible & big-picture start-up mindset.


  1. Relevant background in machine learning – major plus. *But definitely can work without this, as long as you are a techie+fast learner.
  2. Relevant academic experience – plus.
  3. Experience posting professional content on social accounts – plus.
  4. Experience in a DevRel position – major plus.


  1. Competitive benefits (health insurance, etc.)
  2. Family-friendly culture
  3. Unlimited vacation days (for US employees)
  4. International travel (when the pandemic allows it!)

If this suits you or someone you know, please reach out!

Deepchecks is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.