The Science of LLM Benchmarks: Methods, Metrics, and Meanings

Learn how to review benchmarks effectively and understand popular benchmarks like ARC, HellSwag, MMLU, and more. 🚀

Topics that will be covered:

🧠  Did Gemini really beat GPT4-v?
The performance showdown between Gemini and GPT 4, based on objective and detailed benchmark results.

🔍  What exactly are ARC, HellSwag, MMLU, etc.?
Gain insights into some of the most popular benchmarks in the LLM arena, such as ARC, HellSwag, and MMLU.

💪  How to review benchmarks and what to look out for?
Jonathan will guide you through a step-by-step process to assess these benchmarks critically, helping you understand the strengths and limitations of different models

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