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Our June ML Validation Bootcamp had much more demand than we anticipated.

We were flattered to see how many amazing people applied for this Bootcamp and are glad to see that ML Validation is becoming an important subject.

Due to a large number of candidates, we couldn’t include everyone in this cohort and, unfortunately, could only approve the participation of a fraction of those who applied.

However, due to the significant interest, we’ve asked our team to set aside time over the next few weeks to answer any questions that may come related to ML Validation (the best method is using a DM to any of our team members or posting in a channel on our Slack community).

So what did the sessions include?

Session #1 was led by Deepchecks CTO Shir Chorev and Itay Gabbay, Head of R&D at Deepchecks. Together, they provided an intro to ML testing and validation and shared a live demo of Deepchecks on Tabular and Computer Vision datasets.

The second session was led by Aish Srinivasan, our open-source developer advocate, and CEO Philip Tannor. They covered blog writing and offered directions on how to choose an ML Validation project.

Participants that will complete a Github project and a blog about ML Validation will be eligible for a Completion Certificate, and their blog will be mentioned by Deepchecks via multiple channels.

If you’d like to participate in one of the next cohorts of this Bootcamp, please stay tuned!