Continuous Validation for Machine Learning

How do you
  • validate data & models with high complexity?
  • mitigate risks when relying on machine learning?
  • monitor a system that tends to fail silently?

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How It Works

Phase 1: Validation of the training data and the ML model

Training Data

Training data is analyzed, looking for undesired issues regarding the training process, and collecting statistics to be used during monitoring.


Model is analyzed for limitations, characteristics, and determining the borders of confidence regions.

Phase 2: Ongoing testing and monitoring of the production data and the ML model

Data Sources

Improved observability of the ML system are obtained by connecting to the data in it’s raw format, across all of the relevant data sources.

Input Data

Monitoring of the input data in production, before and after various phases of the preprocessing. These are constantly compared to the historic data as well as to the corresponding data in the original training set.


Results stored during the pre-launch analysis of the model are used to determine the severity of different issues that are detected.


Monitoring of the model’s predictions, looking for annomalies and patterns regarding which types of mistakes the model may be making.


Ground truth labels are not mandatory for the use of Deepchecks. However, when they exist, these can be used to display real time metrics and to help Deepchecks improve all other alerts. They are also scanned for inconsistencies and patterns that don’t make sense.

Why Deepchecks?

ML Validation Of training data and ML model

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Observability of ML in production

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Alerting about various issues in live ML systems

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Detecting Mismatches between research and production environments

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Quick Querying of problematic production data

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