LLM Evaluation

Iterate Quickly
While Maintaining Control

Release high-quality LLM apps quickly without compromising on testing. Never be held back by the
complex and subjective nature of LLM interactions.

Evaluation is Complex

Generative AI produces subjective results. Knowing whether a generated text is good usually requires
manual labor by a subject matter expert.
Evaluation is Complex Evaluation is Complex

A small change in the answer might change the meaning of the answer completely.

Evaluate quality & compliance

If you’re working on an LLM app, you probably
know that you can’t release it without addressing
countless constraints and edge-cases.

Hallucinations, incorrect answers, bias, deviation
from policy, harmful content and more need to be
detected, explored and mitigated before and
after your app is live.

Deepchecks does it systematically.

Golden Set

A proper Golden Set (The equivalent of a test set for GenAI)
will have at least a hundred examples. Manual annotations
typically take 2-5 minutes per sample, and require waiting,
reviewing, correcting and sometimes hiring.

Good luck with doing this for every experiment or version

Deepchecks’ solution enables you to automate the
evaluation process, getting “estimated annotations” that
you only override when you have to.

Open Core Product

Used by 1000+ companies, integrated into 300+ open source projects, the core behind our LLM
product is widely tested and robust.
Open Core Product

Open Source ML Testing

Deepchecks Open Source is a Python-based
solution for comprehensively validating your
machine learning models and data with minimal
effort, in both the research and the production
Open Source ML Testing
ML Monitoring

ML Monitoring

Model performance is a critical component of a
healthy application. To maximize your business
performance, ML and IT teams need to
continuously know the status of their model.Deepchecks Monitoring makes sure that your
models and data are validated continuously.

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practitioners. The community focuses on LLMOps-related content, discussions, and
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