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Deepchecks For LLM Evaluation

Deepchecks For LLM Evaluation

How Does It Work?

Deepchecks Open Source

Install Deepchecks Open Source to Take Care of Both Testing and Monitoring of Your ML

In the past, Deepchecks Open Source was focused only on testing ML during the research phase. As of June 2023, Deepchecks expanded this to a combination of testing and monitoring, so that data scientists and ML engineers can take multiple steps in their validation journey while remaining in the open source realm.


Deepchecks Testing is all about
users iteratively running test
suites on their data and models,
from within a notebook or an IDE.
Install Open Source


Deepchecks CI is all about running
the test suites you know (and
love) as part of your CI/CD, using
tools like GitHub Actions or
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Deepchecks Monitoring is all
about tracking data and models in
production to make sure your ML
system is behaving as expected.
Install Open Source
Deepchecks - Testing
Deepchecks - CI/CD
Deepchecks - Monitoring
pip install -U deepchecks from deepchecks.tabular.suites import train_test_validation suite_result = train_test_validation().run(train_dataset, test_dataset)

Deepchecks Hub

Combining the Continuous Validation of Multiple Models, in a Managed and Secure Setting, from Research to Production

Deepchecks Hub expands the functionality of Deepchecks Open Source to include everything your team will need in a commercial setting. This consists of a variety of scalable deployment options, a unified experience of validating multiple models in parallel, security and access management features, and support.

Deepchecks Supported Data Types

Deepchecks supports: Tabular data, Computer Vision and NLP throughout your model and
data lifecycle from training to production






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Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Easy to Install

Using Deepchecks is simple: For example, setting up
Deepchecks Open Source for tabular data requires
only two lines of code.

Please refer to Deepchecks Open Source โ€œGetting
Startedโ€ here or Deepchecks Hub Getting Started
here for more information.

pip install -U deepchecks from deepchecks.tabular.suites import train_test_validation

Run Test Suites for CI/CD

Deepchecks Open Source can be used for CI/CD by
integrating just a few lines of code to your CI/CD
scripts. This will help you to ensure that your re-trained
model will not cause issues when deployed to
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on: push: ['main'] job: run_suites: train_dataset: 'load.py:get_train_dataset'
test_dataset: 'load.py:get_test_dataset'
model: 'load.py:get_model'
suites: ['custom_suites.py:my_model_evaluation_suite']

Open Source & Community

Deepchecks is committed to keeping the ML validation package open-source and community-focused.

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